When thinking of a golf cart most people will think of it as an easy way to play a game of Golf.  However, there really useful vehicles for getting around and transporting supplies.  When we see golf carts they will be around apartment complexes, golf courses of course and other areas that need a small vehicle to go off road. 

Like any other vehicle there may be some different tools and accessories that we can have to make the cart more functional for our needs.  For those that have a cart and are looking for golf cart accessories tampa fl, here are some of the more interesting you might not have known what they are used for.

Sand Bottle

golf cart accessories tampa fl

The sand bottle was the first accessory that peeked my interest.  This bottle is used to spread grass seed and other compounds on the course to fill divot holes and other imperfections in the course.  When reading the name many may be confused as to its purpose.  So now you know.

Lift Kits

Have you ever wondered what you would do to fix a tire on a golf cart?  Most people would think that you would use a standard jack.  Well, instead of doing this you can use what is known as a lift kit.  The kit will allow you to lift up the engine or front of the golf cart high enough to remove and replace the tire.  These are specialty designed for golf carts and are safer and more secure to use on the golf course than a standard car jack.

Vast Assortment

Just like your car or truck the golf cart has a wide assortment of accessories that you can have with it.  Wheel covers, bumpers, lighting and so much more can be found for your cart.