A Day On The Course

Taking a day for yourself to play a round or two of golf can really help you improve your game.  Looking for the perfect golf clubs in Pensacola to shoot your game can also be a bit of a challenge.  However, taking the time to do some research and to follow these tips will help you to really find the course that fits your game.

How many holes

How many holes of golf are you looking to play?  Most courses will offer you to play nine to eighteen holes of golf.  Depending on the day and the time on the course you may even be able to pick the holes you can play.  This will be helpful if you wanted to just practice your skills on a particular course.


Make sure that you take your own clubs with you to the course.  Renting clubs or using the clubs of someone else is okay if you are just getting into the sport, however, if you really want to play and build your game then you will want to invest in your own set of clubs.

Each set of clubs is unique to each player.  Some will want to use a different brand over another or even mix and match brands once you find the right feel and weight.


The balls are also an important choice when it comes to playing golf.  Over time you will find that different balls will work for you in different ways.  Having a large assortment of balls will not only allow you to try different styles but will also give you extra balls when you hit them in hazards.

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It is important to practice on a regular basis.  If you play sporadically you won’t advance as quickly as you could.  Taking the time to get out on the course and hit a few balls will drive you towards your ultimate success.